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Company History

Mersh Brothers was started in the 1890s as a haulage company in Rotherhithe, south east London, gradually expanding from a single horse and cart to a fleet of ten articulated lorries.

In 1953, having been forced by local redevelopment to move from the premises in Albion Street, the business was relocated to Algernon Road, Lewisham.

With the gradual decline of London's once thriving docks due to the increasing use of diesel powered road transport, Mersh Brothers' main supply of business was drawing to a close. With the fleet of lorries shrinking, another source of income was required, and in 1962 the decision was made to obtain a license to carry out the newly introduced Ministry of Transport vehicle safety inspection, soon to be known as the 'MOT test'.

As the frequency of the MOT test increased, from every ten years to every three by 1967, it became the dominant side of the business, until in 1983 the haulage operation was shut down completely.

In 1996, in response to many customer requests, a vehicle repair workshop was opened on site and this is how the business continued into it's third century, until in February 2010, after a tenancy of fifty seven years, notice was served by the landlord who wished to sell the site for redevelopment. After much searching it was decided that a unit on Bellingham Trading Estate would allow the company to move forward, and it opened for business at the current premises as 2010 drew to a close.

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